ProjectPro is simple, yet efficient.

All it takes is a mobile phone and less than a minute to log a purchase:

  1. Take a picture of the receipt.
  2. Assign the purchase to a project and cost codes.
  3. Review the entry and submit.

Field Employees will eliminate information drop and save over 2 hours per month!

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If you make purchases on behalf of a company or a project, the ProjectPro mobile app may be for you.

Each month you scramble to find receipts and remember the details of each purchase so that costs can be allocated accurately in the budget.

ProjectPro has a simple-to-use app that you can use to log purchases. It eliminates errors, saves time, and effortlessly relays the information to your Manager or Accountant. The best part is, it’s in your app store and it’s free.

A typical purchase takes less than a minute to log. The ProjectPro system eliminates that phone call or meeting at the end of each month to sort out who made what purchases on which jobs for which cost codes.