2 simple steps for Accountants.

  1. Reconcile purchases to a credit card statement in ProjectPro if you wish.
  2. Import purchases to your accounting software. ProjectPro now imports directly to all desktop versions of QuickBooks.

We estimate that a company with 10 Field Employees will realize a time savings of over 27 hours per month using the ProjectPro system

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With ProjectPro, you don’t have to nag employees anymore.

As an Accountant, you are probably used to hounding employees for information that explains the transactions on your credit card statements. With our simple mobile app, your employees can photograph a receipt and log the details about a purchase when it happens. No more jogging memories and hoping the information is correct. If your company needs purchase oversight, an approver can view, edit and approve each purchase before Accounting accesses the data.

It is easy to let ProjectPro send reminders to Approvers or Field Employees as needed or to set a standard operating procedure, select a day of the week to send automatic reminders.

ProjectPro reduces errors and information drop by collecting information when it happens, and saves time for everyone by seamlessly transferring information to the correct person and eliminating the tedious tasks of sifting through credit card statements and entering data.