ProjectPro is simple, yet efficient.  Take control of your expenses.

Log into the ProjectPro web product and click the “Accountant” dashboard:

  1. Easily search for a transaction by selecting from simple filters
  2. Select the transaction
  3. Zoom in on each transaction by moving your mouse over the image of the transaction
  4. Export transactions and Import purchases to your accounting software
  5. ProjectPro now imports directly to all desktop versions of QuickBooks
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As an Accountant, ProjectPro streamlines the communication between employees and the office for information explaining the transactions on the credit card statements or invoices.  Utilizing ProjectPro’s mobile app, employees can photograph or choose from their library of a transaction and and enter the details in real time.

If your company needs control over expenses, an approver can view, edit and approve each purchase before Accounting accesses the data.

ProjectPro easily sends reminders to Approvers or Employees to set a standard operating procedure for submitting and approving expenses.  Simply select a day of the week to send automatic reminders.