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Expense Management

Transform unpleasant, tedious tasks into an enjoyable process with the ProjectPro expense management system.

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How we help managers communicate, save time, and track their budget.



Anyone in your company can now take a picture of a receipt, invoice, or expense report and allocate the purchase amount to a project and GL Account or cost codes. As soon as a transaction is submitted, you can access the ProjectPro dashboard to see all unapproved transactions for editing, approval or decline.  No more lost receipts and miscellaneous  purchases.


As an Approver, you can correct any detail you wish.  For example, you may wish to reallocate costs to different account to balance your budget.  Once approved, the purchase is available for accounting to view, export, or import directly to QuickBooks Desktop.


Reminders can be sent to Employees to submit transactions at any time or, to set a standard operating procedure, you can select a day of the week for ProjectPro to send automatic reminders.

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Utilizing ProjectPro’s mobile app, employees can photograph or choose from their library of a transaction and and enter the details in real time.

If your company needs control over expenses, an approver can view, edit and approve each purchase before Accounting accesses the data.

ProjectPro helps you manage your business by allowing you the option of viewing, editing & approving or declining transactions by all users.

How it's done:

Log into the ProjectPro web product and click the “Approver” dashboard:

  1. Select the Project
  2. Select the transaction by choosing View
  3. Zoom in on each transaction by moving your mouse over the image of the transaction
  4. Review each transaction for accuracy by date, amount, and account or cost code
  5. If needed, edit the date, vendor, payment type, amount and account or cost code
  6. Select Approve, Decline or Update Only


All it takes is a mobile phone or a tablet and less than a minute to enter a transaction on our expense management software:

  1. Take a picture of the receipt or choose from the library
  2. Choose a vendor (if applicable)
  3. Select the payment type (Amex 1234, Reimbursement, Vendor Invoice)
  4. Assign the purchase to a project and GL account or cost codes
  5. Separate the total between the material amount and the sales tax (if applicable)
  6. Review the entry and submit

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