If anyone knows that time is money (and not to be wasted) it’s those within the construction industry, on both the project management side and the accounting side. Eliminating delays of all kinds, on all ends, is imperative to project success. As the solution to time-sucking budgeting tasks, we’ve developed a software that promises to be your favorite project management tool.

Saved time means saved money and our integrative system is engineered to save you loads.

For Project Managers

Another lost receipt? Another frustrating day dealing with in-field purchases? Invoices not paid? What you need is to be able to take ownership of your project’s expenses and stick to your budget without issue or question. What you need is transparent, sensible information at your disposal with just one click of a button. We’ve got what you need.

Nowhere else is purchase & expense tracking so simple and intuitive than with ProjectPro Technologies. Allowing you to approve on-the-fly purchases, submit receipts and connect with accounting, our system is a project manager’s best friend.  ProjectPro automates the purchase process, giving you more time to focus on the aspects of the job that you truly love.

For Accountants

As a construction accountant, you have very specific job demands. Your daily tasks keep multiple projects on track, on time and under budget. Without your contributions, who knows where those receipts and invoices would end up? We get it — it could be easier. It could make more sense. We get it. Which is exactly why we had you in mind when we designed the industry’s most user-friendly project management tool.

By bridging that gap between you and your project managers, we make entry, approval, and access to vital purchase information easy. After receipts are uploaded and purchases are approved, you can easily access information and receipts. With one click you can easily link to your QuickBooks software for full-scale, integrated data sharing and monitoring. It really can be simplified. Find out how.

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