1. Our overall receipt management has improved!

    Since implementing the ProjectPro system, our overall receipt management has improved. Before we started using ProjectPro, we were losing receipts and had no approval process. The user experience for our guys making purchases in the field and the project managers approving purchases is great!…Read More

    David Buck, CFO, Greenrise Technologies
  2. ProjectPro makes it simple and easy to turn in receipts!

    Before we started using the ProjectPro system, I sometimes forgot to turn in receipts and there was often a lag time before I received my reimbursements. ProjectPro makes it simple and easy to turn in receipts, and categorize the purchase immediately after making it so my receipts never get lost and my reimbursement checks get to me quickly. The system is great because it saves me time and everyth…Read More

    Liz Huber, Assistant to the Rector for Outreach, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
  3. Incredible accompaniment to our accounting program!

    ProjectPro is an incredible accompaniment to our accounting program. At the time a purchase is made, the receipt is immediately transmitted to the accounting department with the proper assignment to funds and accounts noted by the purchaser and it shows by whom the purchase was made. At statement time, this App allows all invoices/charges to be reconciled with credit card statements. If an individ…Read More

    Sharon Teets, Parish Administrator/Financials
  4. Using ProjectPro is easy! It’s intuitive and user-friendly.

    Using ProjectPro is easy! It’s intuitive and user-friendly. I am able to submit bills and requests for reimbursements in seconds. It used to be so time consuming keeping up with receipts, filling out forms, submitting them manually and waiting for them to be approved. With ProjectPro, I no longer have to keep up with paperwork and I love being able to submit my receipts immediately after I make …Read More

    Cindy Guevart, Children’s Ministry Coordinator