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Expense Management Products

Top Rated National® Expense Management Software

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Expense Management Products For Businesses

ProjectPro’s main objective is to automate the tedious, time-consuming expense processes such as vendor invoices, credit card charges, and monthly bills. Plain and simple. Designed by experienced management professionals, the ProjectPro expense management system provides you time to focus on running the business, rather than the business running you. Our innovative expense management system includes the following two products that will fit any business model. Learn more below or call to see how you will save time, money, and effort with ProjectPro by scheduling a consultative walk-through with a ProjectPro team member today!


Why Choose ProjectPro’s Expense Management Software?

  • Streamlines your business’ expense management process
  • Saves business owners time & money
  • Eliminates expense, receipt, & reimbursement errors
  • Offers an easy-to-navigate platform
  • Usable by field employees, managers, & accounting staff
  • Easily upload expense reports to QuickBooks
  • Allows for seamless integration through intuitive implementation

TAX MAX – $7.99/month/user:  Capture vendor invoices, credit card charges, and monthly bills via a picture or upload one from your library with our receipt scanner app. Your team can enter transactions with a template of two Projects — 1. Cost of Goods Soldand and 2. Overhead. 

Categorize each purchase under the accounts from the IRS Schedule — C or General Ledger Accounts from your business. 

Easily set up account budgets to track progress, as well as monitoring frequent purchases with our Approval Process.  

Easily organize all the business’ expenses and instantly export data to the accountant to maximize the accuracy of your financial statements.


PROJECT MANAGER– $13.99/month/user:  Capture vendor invoices, credit card charges, and monthly bills via a picture or upload one from your library with our receipt scanner app.

Businesses can track any number of expenses, reimbursements, and projects with their associated costs with Project Manager. 

Use the cost item functionalities to track and manage each project cost by allocating transactions to Project, Cost Code, Vendor, and Payment Type. This way, the project's manager(approver) has full insight into each project category and can maintain tight margins.

This product includes budget tracking by project, a transaction Approval process, scheduled reminders, and easily integrates with QuickBooks Desktop.  

Forget the time-consuming back-and-forth between users and accountants. Get rid of time delays and lost production hours.  Eliminate the frustrations and confusions inherent in that space between budgeting and bill paying.

Our expense management software allows members of the team in the field, management, and accounting to finally be on the same page.


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All it takes is a mobile phone or a tablet and less than a minute to enter a transaction on our expense management software:

  1. Take a picture of the receipt or choose from the library
  2. Choose a vendor (if applicable)
  3. Select the payment type (Amex 1234, Reimbursement, Vendor Invoice)
  4. Assign the purchase to a project and GL account or cost codes
  5. Separate the total between the material amount and the sales tax (if applicable)
  6. Review the entry and submit

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