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Expense Management

Transform unpleasant, tedious tasks into an enjoyable process with the ProjectPro expense management system.

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  • Security and Roles:  Easily setup new users and the level of security to access
  • Transaction Reminders:  ProjectPro send reminders to Approvers or Field Employees as needed or to set a standard operating procedure, select a day of the week to send automatic reminders
  • Project Setup:  Setup new projects with a few simple clicks
  • Account/Cost Code Setup:  Assign each project with the appropriate general ledger account or cost code to manage project costs
  • Project Budget Setup:  Import or create a budget for each account or cost code to manage the project per the budget



  • Capture Transaction by Photo or Choosing from a Library:  Easily capture or upload a receipt, using your smartphone with a simple click
  • Vendor Assignment:  Easily choose (or type) the vendor related to the transaction.  Accountants can easily identify and organize transactions by vendor
  • Transaction Capture by Type:  Track transactions by creating payment types such as CASH, CHECK, AMEX or VISA.  This feature works well to organize card holders (users) with multiple credit cards
  • Review and Submit: Take a final chance to review the captured transaction. Change the date if needed, view and retake the photo if blurry, add a description to help your approver understand the nature, and lastly submit the purchase.


  • Track Projects Costs:  ProjectPro allows businesses to track transactions by assigning transactions to each Project
  • Transaction Approvals:  In project oriented businesses, often the Project Managers are responsible for approving transactions for each project.  ProjectPro allows management to easily approve, change, or decline transactions per Project to ensure accuracy for the financial statements
  • Cost Code Management:   ProjectPro also allows another layer of management by allocating transactions to Project Cost Codes.  This level of detail gives management a deeper understanding of how the Project performed
  • Budget Management:  ProjectPro has the ability to enter budgets for each Project and Account or Cost Code.  ProjectPro also alerts the managers if the Project and Cost Code go over budget
  • Export Transactions:  Export transactions by type with a few simple clicks



  • General Ledger Accounts:  Not a project based company?  No problem.  ProjectPro’s system allows you to enter COGS and Overhead as Projects.  Then, simply enter your General Ledger Accounts to track transactions per account.
  • Quickbooks Desktop Integration:  send data to QB Desktop with a few simple clicks by mapping the correct projects and accounts
  • Export to Accounting System:  Export approved transactions into an excel format to easily import into most accounting systems
  • Approve Payments:  In small businesses, often the accountant is also the approver.  Easily approve, change, or decline transactions per project to ensure accuracy for the financial statements
  • Sales Tax Tracking:  The ProjectPro system allows the user to input the sales tax cost for each transaction, allowing the accountant to easily track the sales tax cost for the business


All it takes is a mobile phone or a tablet and less than a minute to enter a transaction:

  1. Take a picture of the receipt or choose from the library
  2. Choose a vendor (if applicable)
  3. Select the Payment Type (Amex 1234, Reimbursement, Vendor Invoice)
  4. Assign the purchase to a project and GL account or cost codes
  5. Seperate the total between the material amount and the Sales Tax (if applicable)
  6. Review the entry and submit

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