Who is the ProjectPro system for? ▼

All small business have expenses.  The ProjectPro system will save time and transform unpleasant, tedious tasks into an efficient, time saving process for all small businesses.

What is the problem that ProjectPro solves? ▼

Every month Accounts Payable receives credit card statements consisting of pages of transactions. These are then handed to Project Managers who are responsible for allocating purchases correctly to projects and their cost codes. Often, there are so many transactions that it is difficult for the Project Manager to remember what was purchased. Especially when it is not the Project Manager who is making the purchases.

So, how do you allocate each purchase correctly in your accounting software in order to track company or project budgets?

If you are a Project Manager, you probably make a lot of phone calls to Field Employees trying to jar their memory and collect receipts. After hours of compiling data, you hand it to the Accountant who tediously enters each purchase into their software.

  • No matter how hard a field employee tries, it is very difficult to keep track of all the receipts and remember which project and cost codes they belong to. We set out to help the field employee with this task so he/she can focus on value adding duties.
  • Although the Project Manager is typically the only person who has the knowledge to do this, it is well beneath their skill level, and is time consuming and tedious. We can’t find a single Project Manager that enjoys this part of their job! We set out to eliminate these tedious tasks for the Project Manager.
  • Data entry is well beneath an Accountant’s skill level, and is time consuming and tedious. We set out to eliminate data entry for the Accountant.
  • Manual, tedious tasks tend to be more error-prone. We set out to remove monotonous and error-prone chores from everybody’s day.

How does ProjectPro solve this problem? ▼

Now there is a better way.

Using the ProjectPro app, Field Employees can photograph a receipt & easily enter the information the day or even the moment the purchase is made. No more scribbling notes on a receipt with the hope of remembering the details weeks later when someone asks you. A typical purchase takes less than a minute from start to finish.

Back at the home office, Approvers can edit and approve each purchase so the costs are allocated exactly how they want them to be. Reminders can be sent to Field Employees at any time or recurring reminders can be scheduled.

Accountants can then import credit card statements and ProjectPro will reconcile each transaction to its matching purchase. The data can then be downloaded to be imported into the accounting software. Accountants can schedule recurring reminders for Approvers or send reminders as needed.

ProjectPro automates the entire process; saving valuable time, minimizing errors AND you can do it all without a single piece of paper.

ProjectPro reduces errors and information drop by collecting information when it happens, and saves time for everyone by seamlessly transferring information to the correct person and eliminating the tedious tasks sifting through credit card statements and entering data.

How Hard is it to get going on the ProjectPro system? ▼

There are 3 simple steps to get started and ProjectPro walks you through each one with a handy setup wizard.

  1. Add Field Employees, Approvers, and Accountants to give them appropriate access.
  2. Enter the payment types that Field Employees use to make purchases. Ex. Amex1234.
  3. Add projects and cost codes. This can be done with a simple import.

What if I need help? ▼

We have worked hard to make a product that is so intuitive we hope you won’t need help. Every screen has a help guide that is easy to access and will walk you through everything on the screen. If you still need help, you can email us at support@projectprohub.com or call us at (866) 238-0091.

How much does it cost? ▼

Feel free to use the entire system for free for 30 days. After that, the cost is $10/month/user.

How do I talk to someone in sales about the ProjectPro System? ▼

Email: info@projectprohub.com

Phone: (866) 238-0091 X 1

I forgot my password. What should I do? ▼

I am a client. How do I get help with the ProjectPro System? ▼

There is help on every screen. Click the ? in the upper right. If you still need help feel free to call or email us.

Email: support@projectprohub.com

Phone: (866) 238-0091 X 2

I have questions about my bill. Who can I talk to? ▼

Email: accounts@projectprohub.com

Phone: (866) 238-0091 X 3